Yoga Prana Vidya Pranic Healer (YPV Pranic Healing)

Dear Friends,

Would you like to know a new and practical solution to life and health problems? Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) pranic healing is a perfect answer to all your problems. YPV Pranic healing is the combination of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. A no touch no medicine therapy which heals the energy field surrounding the human body and relieves pain and suffering be it, physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. It also teaches self healing and distant healing. It helps to improve your business, profession and financial position. It reduces teenage distractions and improves concentration and their performance in the examination. So it will provide a solution not only to your personal and health problems but also to your family members and friends. Learning pranic healing gives you more awareness about yourself and Body Mind relationship. Any body who is above 16 years may learn pranic healing irrespective of their educational qualifications or age.

Behavioral research proved that more than 77% of the ailments are mind originated and not of physical origin. What you eat is your Body, what you think is your Mind. So eat cautiously and think positively. Pranic healing will help you to maintain purity of mind and body.

In our modern busy life, are you worrying or getting angry every now and then for trivial or silly reasons?. If your answer is yes, you need to control your emotions as early as possible. I assure you Pranic healing will guide you to practice forgiveness and remain cool in life. Above all, Pranic healing will make your life easy because you may find solution to your problems in the class itself.

Topics covered in YPV Level I (Basic)

  • How to feel And Scan the energy body and find imbalances
  • How to clean and energize the energy body
  • Simplified Pranic breathing for relaxation and de-stressing
  • Self healing
  • Distant healing
  • Law of Karma and Guidelines for successful living
  • Divine Healing
  • Character Building
  • Yoga for Brain Power
  • Advanced guided meditation with exercise

  • Topics covered in YPV Level II ( Advanced)
  • Color PRANA Properties, Production and projection
  • Chakras and their functions
  • Scaning of chakras side ways(knowing the size of the chakras)
  • Advanced cleansing and energizing technique
  • Healing protocols for different ailments
  • Healing through instructions
  • Spiritual healing
  • Self healing using divine energy

  • Topics covered in YPV Level III (Psychotherapy)
  • Chakras and their psychological functions
  • Production, properties and uses of electric violet color
  • Disintegration of negative thought entity, negative elementals
  • Sealing the holes and cracks in the atomic web
  • Healing protocols - for stress, phobias, depression, compulsions, anxiety, multiple personality, emotional problems, relationship healing, transmutation of energy etc
  • Shielding the chakras and the aura
  • Self healing

  • Benefits of Pranic Healing
  • Improved health and increased Stamina
  • Inner peace and Happiness
  • Better memory and concentration
  • Rapid Spiritual growth
  • Reduced Stress
  • Body and mind can be protected from Contamination
  • Better Interpersonal Skills
  • Greater self esteem
  • Attract good luck, become more prosperous
  • Improved Intuition power
  • Makes your life easy.

  • Therefore Learn Pranic Healing and manifest your greatness.

    Prof. Vrashabharaj is in pranic healing and training for the last fourteen years. He is conducting pranic healing classes on level I or II or III on Every second Saturday, Sunday and on general holidays regularly at Mangalore.

    Successful Healings:

  • i) More than 10 cases of migraine headache was cured by pranic healing
  • ii) Examination Anxiety of IIPU science student was cured in one session of pranic healing
  • iii) Examination stress of MDS student was cured in one session of pranic healing combined with NLP Time Line therapy
  • iv) Psychological depression was cured by pranic healing
  • v) Hundreds of people who were suffering from various psychosomatic diseases were cured by using advanced and psychotherapy healing
  • vi) Relationship healing was done to many couples who had problems
  • vii) Suicidal tendency of people were resolved using pranic healing
  • viii) Financial problems of many people got resolved after they underwent pranic healing courses.

  • Courses done by Prof. Vrashabharaj Jain during the last 14 years:

  • 1. Basic Pranic Healing
  • 2. Advanced Pranic Healing
  • 3. Pranic Psychotherapy
  • 4. Pranic Crystal Healing
  • 5. Pranic Psychic Self Defence
  • 6. Arhatic Yoga Preparatory 1
  • 7. Arhatic Yoga Preparatory level
  • 8. Arhatic Yoga Level 1 & 2
  • 9. Basic Teachers Training Course
  • 10. Kriyashakthi Course
  • 11. Arhatic Level 3.1
  • 12. Spiritual Technology for Business Management
  • 13. Yoga Prana Vidya Vaastu
  • 14. Associate Pranic Healer Certificate Course
  • 15. Certified Pranic Healer Course
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    Man of Substance

    Prof. Vrashabharaj Jain is a man of substance. You will experience an amazing sense of responsibility in his presence. And he will help you to explore through the hidden treasure in your inner mind! He will transform You!

    Contact Details

    Prof. Raj is based at Mangalore. Travels to conduct programs. Always find time to interact with students and youngsters. You can contact him in any of the convenient form from below!

    Address: Prof. Vrashabharaj Jain, 207A,
    Sai Grandeur, Jail Road, Opp. Pio Mall, P. O. Kodialbail, Mangaluru - 575 003
    Mobile: +91 - 94497 74322 / 93411 26122

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