What you eat is your body! What you think is your mind!! Mind your Mind!!!

Prof. Vrashabharaj Jain is a Retired Prof in Physics and is now into Human Resource Development training Programmes to Students, Teachers, Parents and the Corporate Sector. He is also a certified Pranic Healer and Teacher, NLP Therapist.

As a Healing Hand he expresses his views:

Human body is a wonderful creation of God. By maintaining good health you are honouring God and yourself. If you are abusing your body, you are disrespecting the God, which leads to series of problems in ones life. The physical human body has its own consciousness. Our body gains energy by the food we take and it also absorbs energy from the environment (the air, earth and the sun) by itself and maintains the energy level required for its normal functioning. There are mechanisms by which the body gives signals to our brain so that one has to fulfil it at their convenience. For eg: hunger, urination, defecation etc. Similarly the body also gives signals in the form of pain in different parts like stomach ache, back ache, headache, migraine etc which are the symptoms of a disease. Whether the pain or symptom is small or big, one has to address it immediately. Because body tries to protect you through these signals. These pains can be divided into physiological and psycho-somatic.

For all the physiological problems no doubt you have to go for traditional system of medicine like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. But in case of Psycho-somatic diseases the traditional system of Medicine will not be of much help, because the root cause of psycho-somatic disease (DIS-EASE)are the negative emotional baggages that you are carrying in your mind ( more specifically the UNCONSCIOUS mind). Unless you address the root cause of the problem, healing may be partial or sometimes no healing at all.

Now the question is How to differentiate physiological from psycho-somatic disease? The solution I suggest here is when a person has undergone all medical diagnostic tests and tried various traditional medications but all in vain means the origin of this problem maybe emotional in nature. For such problems NLP is the ultimate solution.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the therapist will provide new software for the unconscious mind to change the negative emotions into positive emotions which will solve the problem at once. It is a process which gives you a new learning to unconscious mind so that the symptoms of the dis-ease disappear. (iv) Therefore the body and mind are one and are not separable from one another. If something goes wrong in the body, it effects the mind. Similarly when the mind is affected, it will manifest as a disease in the body. So in short:
Good Health means Healthy Mind (thoughts) and Body. William James, a behavioural researcher said that more than 77 % of the present day diseases are psycho-somatic in nature.

Some of the psycho-somatic diseases are below :

  • Various kinds of phobias like fear of height, closed spaces, dog, cockroaches, darkness, crowd etc
  • Migraine headache
  • Some types of asthma
  • Allergy
  • Cancer
  • Mental traumatic conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Internal conflicts
  • Limiting beliefs
  • OCD
  • Over reaction, anger, hatredness
  • Obesity
  • Low self esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • Failure in career and business
  • Alcoholism, addictions
  • Bedwetting
  • Stammering etc
  • Human body has got its own defence mechanism to cure diseases. When our body and mind are polluted because of our lifestyle, our self defence mechanism fails. We need external help to maintain good health. Therefore the best way to keep ourselves healthy is to maintain purity of mind and body. Some of the alternative therapies to overcome your problem in a better way without any side effects are: Pranic Healing, NLP, Sujok, Hypnotherapy etc.

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    Prof. Vrashabharaj Jain is a man of substance. You will experience an amazing sense of responsibility in his presence. And he will help you to explore through the hidden treasure in your inner mind! He will transform You!

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    Prof. Raj is based at Mangalore. Travels to conduct programs. Always find time to interact with students and youngsters. You can contact him in any of the convenient form from below!

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